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Mere Fidelity

“Divine Humility,” with Dr. Matthew Wilcoxen

God is all-powerful. God is all-knowing. God is ever-present. But is God humble? Dr. Matthew Wilcoxen joins Derek and Alastair to discuss his recent book, Divine Humility: God’s Morally Perfect Being. Listen in as he traces the theme of a...

/ February 25, 2020

Book Club: Confessions, Book VII

Matt, Alastair and Derek consider book 7 of Augustine’s Confessions. If you like the show, please do leave us a review on iTunes. We are also available on Google Play. If you’re interested in supporting the show financially, you can check out...

/ March 21, 2018

Desiderius Erasmus and “It wasn’t me, it was God”

For Erasmus, grace is active in our acting, in the beauty of virtue displayed that engages and transforms our affections, allowing us to play a part that becomes our own as we play it. […] Erasmus subverts the distinction between...

/ July 10, 2012