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Gary Thomas on "Sacred Marriage"

After reviewing “Sacred Marriage,” an insightful book suggesting that Christians would do well to view their marriages as a means to holiness, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a thoughtful response from the author, Gary Thomas. His remarks are published...

/ February 21, 2008

Review: Sacred Marriage

Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage is a well-reasoned and thoughtful response to the centuries-old tradition of viewing spiritual formation as primarily taking place between an individual and God—a tradition that often celebrates being celibate while marginalizing marriage. It is also fundamentally...

/ January 24, 2008

Marriage and the Sacredness of Joy

The internets were all atwitter today with the latest stunt pulled on…Twitter. Yes, someone tweeted his nuptials.  Immediately after being pronounced man and wife, he pulled out his cell phone–and gave his now-wife hers–and they updated their status’ together. The...

/ December 2, 2009

Why I am Opposed to Gay Marriage

Preface “I will always love you.”

/ June 3, 2015

Sacred Loneliness and Sacred Comfort: A Review of Marilynne Robinson’s ‘Lila’

Jonathan McGregor is a PhD candidate in English and American Literature at Washington University in St. Louis, where he’s writing about twentieth-century American literary intellectuals and Christian social thought. You can follow him on Twitter.   There’s a moment in...

/ December 2, 2014

Bullets, Cremains, and the Concept of the Sacred

I wish the story was a joke, but it wasn’t. A few weeks back, not long after Steve Jobs died, a story went around about a company named, of all things, Holy Smokes will take the cremains of your loved...

/ November 15, 2011

A “hubbub” on Marriage with Tony Jones & Lisa Miller

There is a “hubbub” afoot on whether clergy should perform weddings on behalf of the state. The “hubbub” is fomented mostly by Tony Jones, who refuses to perform weddings on behalf of the state or have his own marriage recognized by...

/ September 19, 2011

The Politicization of Marriage: Nussbaum, George, and Rowe on the Gay Marriage Question

Martha Nussbaum’s recent defense of homosexual marriage in Dissent Magazine is one of the better defenses of homosexual marriage that I have read, and I suggest slogging through the whole thing.  But it is, perhaps, most valuable for revealing that...

/ August 7, 2009

On Metaphysical Conservatism and the Problem of Marriage

It is an odd fact about American culture and the gay marriage debate that while conservatives are winning (at least for the moment) the public opinion battle, they are losing the intellectual war.  While I have hope that this will...

/ July 16, 2009

Marriage as a Spiritual Discipline

Despite roundly panning Gary Thomas’ book Sacred Marriage last week for it’s fundamentally questionable premise, I have to admit that he has a lot of good things to say in response to the historic trend among Christians to look down...

/ January 31, 2008