Talking About Being White

Jamie Campbell writing about her experience as an African-American teaching at Biola:

Most of my student’s parents grew up in an America that, from their own report, was “much simpler.”  People didn’t need to talk about race because the Civil Rights Movement had more or less effected a social/racial equality, irritations of political correctness aside. And the Cosby Show proved that if Black people worked hard enough and studied hard enough they didn’t have to be thugs or drug dealers or welfare queens.  And wasn’t it enough that they had a Black friend in college? They aren’t racists. They didn’t own slaves/put Japanese Americans in internment camps/treat their Latino landscaper badly. And they taught their kids to be colorblind/not see color/everyone is equal.

But their children know that universal equality is false.

Don’t miss part two where Jamie’s husband Andrew, who is white, talks about the same issue.

  • PastorBillv

    Andrew – what is your source for Henry’s axioms? I’d love to read the whole book/article/whatever! thanks much.