Russia’s Next Majority

It’s Muslim:

Because of demographic trends, Muslims are on their way to becoming the dominant group in Russian life sometime within the next generation or so, and they need to begin to think about what that will mean and how they should act in anticipation of that, according to Abdulla Rinat Mukhametov, a Muslim analyst in Moscow.

Mukhametov, an expert advisor at the Council of Muftis of Russia and the editor of several leading Muslim portals, lays out his concerns and his ideas about this development in an article on entitled “Quantity into Quality: The Muslims of Russia Face the Challenges of Demography and Migration.”

His article is important because it is a rare example of something that is likely to become more common in the future, Muslim self-confidence about where the Muslims of Russia are heading and a belief that they must think about how best to use their growing share of the population to promote their interests as Muslims and as Russians.