Jean Calvin on Lip Gloss

Apart from the swipe at Plato, this is good from Derek Rishmawy.

Calvin might seem like an odd source to appeal to. He certainly wasn’t known for his expertise in mascara, nor the proper application of blush. (Though he did seem to have a fabulous beard that probably required some grooming.) What’s more, he makes no bones about the fact that he considers the soul, and indeed, the intellect, as the chief seat of God’s Image in humanity.

(Calvin, by the way, thought Plato the most useful and correct of the ancient philosophers concerning the soul, though (if I might paraphrase Calvin’s thoughts about philosophy in the first book of the Institutes) in an already-long treatise on religion, ain’t nobody got time for that.)

  • Hey Gary,

    Thanks for the link. And yes, I probably should have been clearer about the Plato thing, attributing more to bastardizations of Plato than Plato himself. I ought to know better than the sloppy short-hand references.


    • jakemeador

      Derek–That avatar…