Fly Over Me Valentine

A former colleague of mine at The Daily Nebraskan has created a really remarkable project called Fly Over Me that looks at life in Valentine, NE, the largest town in the state’s geographically largest county, Cherry County. (For perspective, Cherry County is 6,000 square miles, making it larger than Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Delaware.)

One of the unique challenges of growing up in the midwest but being drawn to a lot of things that are more appreciated and understood in coastal areas is that you feel a pressure (sometimes implied, sometimes articulated) to go along with the “fly over country” BS that a certain type of coastal elite spouts off about from time to time (usually said elite is completely ignorant about said country). So I’m really excited about a project like this because it highlights what makes my home state so beautiful, rich, and compelling and enables folks like me to be able to share that with non-Nebraskans who may not get what it is we love about our state.

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