Family Farmers Want GOP’s Support

Yes, this:

The truth is, while the motivation to feed the world sounds noble, it’s often a front for corporate consolidation and power.

Industrial agriculture displaces the people who farm and steward the land. It produces cheap food that damages our health. It pollutes the soil and water. And it makes it harder and harder for small- and mid-sized farmers to access the credit, markets and fair prices they need to make an honest living. Yet, it’s these very farmers who show up in report after report as the ones who will actually feed the world, while also diminishing climate change and alleviating rural poverty.

In the 1980s, during the height of the farm crisis, as I toured the country on my bus, Honeysuckle Rose, I stopped in at diners and truck stops. I wanted to talk to the people who lived in the towns I was driving through. It was from these folks that I came to understand the challenges our family farmers and rural residents face—and to know what a tremendous resource they are to all of us.

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