Evangelical Outpost’s review of The End of Our Exploring

I wrote a review of Matt’s new book over at Evangelical Outpost. Here’s a snippet:

Matthew Lee Anderson’s second book, The End of Our Exploring: A Book About Questioning and the Confidence of Faith, is a book that is all at once pensive and provocative, thoughtful and incisive, meandering and direct. In his exploration of questioning itself, Anderson takes us on a journey that feels familiar; after all, we have all spent time questioning. Some have made lifestyles out of it (the movement in Christianity that emphasizes “doubt” and “questions” as a modus operandi), others have assumed that questions make our faith weak (“If you doubt God, God will doubt you!”), but few have (recently) taken questions as a careful combination of movement and destination. Regardless of the place of questions in your life, Anderson asserts that questions are worth facing; I’m inclined to agree with him.

See the rest here.

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