I’m putting together a list of resources for people to use as they deal with various aspects of life under social distancing during a pandemic. If there are other pieces you have found useful that fill a gap in this guide, feel free to email me or reach out on Twitter: @jake_meador

Understanding COVID-19

David Beauchamp’s post on the front page is helpful if you are feeling uncertain about how to think about COVID-19 as a Christian.

The CDC Website on COVID-19

What Restrictions We Need to Defeat COVID-19

Preparing for COVID-19 to Strike the US

Social Distancing: This is not a snow day.

Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially and How to Flatten the Curve

What Workers are Most at Risk of Infection

A helpful thread on why this week is especially important for social distancing:

Spiritual Care Under Social Distancing

Bible Project Videos

Bria Sandford put together a very good playlist of songs for this season:

Ben Makuh: Church at Home: What to do with your family if you’re quarantined

If your church is struggling with the temporary move to online services, this guide from Faithlife may be helpful.

Another friend of mine compiled a list of prayers published by the Church of England during a season of plague in 1563: Form for Plagues

Still another friend alerted me to this letter written by Martin Luther addressing a pastor friend on how he should respond to an outbreak of plague: Luther on Plague

Home Life

Betsy Childs has a playlist for kids:

How to Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19

How to Homeschool During a Pandemic

BrainPop and BrainPopJr are available for free during the pandemic.

How to Stock Your Pantry and Pantry Meal Recipes via Eleanor Barkhorn

How to Prepare for Extended School Closings

Teaching Kids Math at Home

Aerial America: A Documentary Series from the Smithsonian

Map Quizzes for Kids at Home

The Best Documentaries to Watch with Kids

How to Draw for Kids

Jerram Barrs’s List of Children’s Books

How to Write Letters to People in Prison:

Community Support

Andy Crouch’s post, Love in the Time of Coronavirus: A Leader’s Guide, is clear, careful, and well worth your time.

Phil Christman shared a helpful guide on building neighborhood pods.

This is a form letter you can use, just fill in the blanks with your information, and distribute it in your neighborhood.

Work and Economics

Leading Beyond the Blizzard

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