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Avian Flu (“bird flu”)

I had not heard of the Avian flu (or “bird flu”) until today. It is interesting stuff, and looks like it might be important to know about in the future. This is therefore a heads up for those who have...

/ November 22, 2005

The Dream Revealed

Last evening I stood before 75 to 100 of my peers while my flight commander announced what my next training aircraft would be. It came as no surprise to me to learn that I had indeed landed a spot with...

/ November 17, 2005


Doug Greshm, as Matt mentioned, is in town. My brother passed on to me a story he heard from someone who attended a talk Greshm was giving at Mariner’s Church, which I will paraphrase here: Questioning person: “How would you...

/ November 15, 2005

Walker, Texas Ranger

This clip from Walker, Texas Ranger, is hilarious. Watch it once. If you don’t laugh, watch it again. By the 6th or 7th time, you will be dying from laughter.

/ November 14, 2005

Douglas Gresham at Biola

No apologies for making it all Narnia, all the time at Mere-O. I am unashamed to say that I’m terribly excited about the new film. Feeding that excitement was Douglas Gresham, Lewis’s step-son, presence at Biola today. He was interviewed...

/ November 12, 2005

Narnia’s Cashflow

Maurice Chrittenden in the London Sunday Times points out that Lewis’s stepsons sold his estate. Someone is going to get very wealthy off of the movie, but it’s not clear who. There are few clues to the ultimate destination of...

/ November 11, 2005

A Touch of Nostalgia

Two posts this evening reminded me of my past. I currently live in Southern California, but my residence has not always been this climatically pleasant. First, Joe Carter relates this slightly humorous story about his trip to the Evergreen State...

/ November 10, 2005

It’s Not Just a Sad Day in California

This FoxNews article chronicles the downfall of the school board in Dover, Pennsylvania which tried to get Intelligent Design approved to teach in the public schools. All eight of the members of the board who were Republicans lost out to...

/ November 9, 2005

Death to Cynicism: Rhett Smith and College Students

Rhett Smith has become one of my favorite daily reads, for this reason: Rather than be mired in potential cynicism and depression regarding the state of universities, Rhett has honestly evaluated the recent events at USD and moved on: So...

/ November 9, 2005