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A new house rule….

Please remove shoes before entering Mere Orthodoxy.

/ February 1, 2006

Welcome Home

Welcome to the new home of Mere Orthodxy. We are still under a bit of construction, and probably will be for some time. We have nearly five hundred posts that will have to be categorized. However, we are excited to...

/ January 30, 2006

the vegetarian life

The girl that I am in love with has recently become a vegetarian. Being a vegetarian is not normal. Vegetables are nice. I like them. The girl I love is nice. I like her. but being a vegetarian is not...

/ December 15, 2005

Congrats to Joe Carter

Joe Carter, one of my favorite bloggers, has won the “Best Religious Blog” category of the Weblog Awards, 2005. Mere-O garnered a healthy 98 votes, which is encouraging, given our competition. Thank you to all those who helped us stay...

/ December 15, 2005

Radio Recap

I just returned from being on the radio. B-. I’ve realized that being articulate while under the pressure of time is very challenging for me. He also asked a few questions that I drew blanks on, which was particularly frustrating....

/ December 10, 2005

Matt’s Narnia Update: Review forthcoming and on the Radio

I’ve posted fairly frequently on Narnia-related topics recently (see here, here, here and here). It comes to an end tonight–we have tickets to see it at 9:45. I am hoping to pull together a review afterward, as Hugh is giving...

/ December 9, 2005

Kudos to Psuedo-Polymath

Over at the WeblogAwards, Mark Olson of Pseudo-Polymath is up for best blog of the Top 3501-5000 blogs. Go vote for him. Mark is easily one of the most literate bloggers I read every day. His blog is always thought-provoking,...

/ December 8, 2005

Yet another post on Narnia

Here’s more evidence that Narnia is going to be simply huge: The Christianity Today weblog is a round-up of links. Articles related to Narnia or Lewis? 45. Articles related to King Kong? 0. Narnia also has the advantage of having...

/ December 8, 2005

Narnia Trailer

News items a week old are ancient history on the internet…but, on the off chance some of Mere-O’s readers are a bit behind the times, or need a little extra motivation to get out and see Narnia on Friday, here’...

/ December 7, 2005

Narnia and King Kong

Hewitt thinks Narnia will triumph even on King Kong’s opening weekend. Jonathan Last thinks Hewitt is overly optimistic. Advantage: Push. Last’s argument (particularly the economics) is persuasive. Whether the decline from the opening to second week will be 40-50% is...

/ December 6, 2005