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Happiness: the Book Reviews

Two book reviews on happiness are definitely worth your time (ht: A&L Daily). The first review contains this intriguing quote: “As Jonathan Haidt, a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, puts it in “The Happiness Hypothesis” (Basic; $26),...

/ March 1, 2006

Update to Blogroll

I’m happy to add “Mere Comments” to the blogroll under the “St. Anne’s on the Hill” category. Mere Comments is another group blog of mere Christians–in fact, the magazine they are associated with was part of the inspiration for Mere...

/ February 28, 2006

Phoenix Update

A few things learned and remembered in Phoenix: 1)  Tom Ward is smart.  Ridiculously smart.  No one in the room (8 people) came close to understanding his paper.  I might be able to get it with a hard copy, but...

/ February 18, 2006

I’ve recently lost my fight against a cold.  The first advance it made was against my sense of warmth–after defeating those defenses, it moved to my muscles and has now decided to wage war against my chest.  I’m taking a...

/ February 16, 2006

How to Lead a Discussion

Want to learn how to have a great discussion? Our own bright-eyed Keith Buhler leads the way at wikiHow. (The article is now posted on the wikiHow’s front page as a featured article.)

/ February 10, 2006

eHarmony – 90 members married per day

Online dating: At the inception of the internet, it was an anonymous way for men who were… (how shall we say?) past-their-prime… to prey on the naievity of younger women. Surely not a great reputation to lead with. Now, however,...

/ February 10, 2006

random proverbial inspiration

“Everything is fated, but not until after we have chosen it.” “Regret deeply; he who risks much gains much.” “Are you afraid of messing up? You should be. But aren’t you even more afraid of never getting better? Which is...

/ February 5, 2006

about lit a little bit

War is such a short word. But it sounds about right. I imagine the word was conceived by bloodied men themselves rather than the poets who recorded them. Bloodied men, in my experience, have typically met with a despair about...

/ February 4, 2006

Torrey Honors Blogging Developments

Torrey Honors Institute is going after the blogging world. Unfortunately, they are having a few problems with the page redirects. But as soon as they get it straightened out, this is going to be one informative, engaging, and stimulating website....

/ February 3, 2006

A Book off My Bookshelf: The Book of Common Prayer

The is the first installment of what I hope becomes a series of posts that I will do intermittently.  The goal of the series is to offer a brief description of a book that I have on my bookshelf and...

/ February 2, 2006