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Laughter and Simplicity: Why Didn’t the Monad Cross the Road?

Q. Why didn’t the monad cross the road? A. Because it lacks spatial location.

/ August 23, 2021

Explainer: Divine Simplicity and the Trinitarian Controversy

Today I’m pleased to run this helpful guest post from my friend Andrew Fulford. Given the confusion that has surrounded the recent trinitarian debate, I thought it would be useful to find someone who could write a relatively straight forward...

/ July 21, 2016

The Trinity Debate and “Big Eva”

I had hoped that the big Trinitarian brouhaha was starting to calm down to more of a restrained, tightly defined level. Then Dr. Al Mohler waded into the debate yesterday, calling attacks on his friends Drs. Bruce Ware and Wayne...

/ June 29, 2016

Why the Trinitarian Controversy Was Inevitable

Recently, there has been a major clash in the Reformed and evangelical blogosphere on the doctrine of the Trinity. While others have covered the ins and outs of the controversy with some depth, I am more interested in why this...

/ June 23, 2016

Christianity and Hellenism, Part 2 of 3: On Being, Loosely Speaking

In my last post, I asserted that the early Christians made discriminating use of the ideas and methods of Greek philosophy. The key terms and categories were carefully reshaped and turned towards biblical ends. If old Plato was baptized in...

/ November 6, 2010

*The Deep Things of God* Giveaway

Update:  The contest is now closed.  If you didn’t get an email, alas, you didn’t win. However, watch this space for more giveaways in the near future of equally provocative books.  And make sure you buy a copy or two...

/ August 16, 2010

A Decadent Doctrine of Salvation

One of my favorite moments in The Deep Things of God is Sanders’ explication of what happens when a culture becomes decadent.  He writes: “Inhabitants of a decadent culture feel themselves to be living among the scraps and fragments of...

/ August 14, 2010