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On the Evangelical Identity

Dr. Andrew Jackson over at ran an excellent series of posts on the evangelical identity some weeks ago. They should be required reading for any evangelical bloggers hoping to jump in to the fray. A sample: What we have...

/ February 12, 2005

Know Your Historical Evangelicals – Intro

It’s a pleasure and an honor to be joining the fine gentlemen (and, more importantly, my good friends) here at Mere-Orthodoxy. For my inaugural contribution to this fine forum, the plan is for me to share each week from my...

/ February 6, 2005


I’ve officially failed to finish a post three times this evening. With thoughts on everything from Popper to The Incredibles to the End to Come to DDE, I’m not sure where to begin. Christmas “Bloggers Back-log” has officially arrived. In...

/ December 5, 2004