Category: Christian Life

Deconversion and the Cross

What has God promised us about our lives, in the here and now? One of the earliest works of Christian theology is Origen of Alexandria’s On First Principles; a case can be made that it is our oldest, extant text...

/ February 20, 2023


At the beginning of The Divine Comedy, in Canto I of Inferno, Dante opens with these famous lines:

/ February 17, 2023

Epiphany: How an Enchanted World Drew Outsiders to God

A number of years ago, a wise parent shared with me an insight for which I have been repeatedly grateful: One reason God gives us children is so that we adults can [re]discover nature. This has proven true on numerous...

/ February 6, 2023

Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Replacement: Building Near the “Yawning Abyss”

Deconstruction to some degree seems duty free. That individuals subtract parts and pieces of their lives that don’t fit and then figure out what to fill in those abscesses. As we enter into a cultural field of reconstruction (I’m hearing...

/ January 12, 2023

Vocational Singleness is a Gospel Cornerstone

Having begun the work of bringing his kingdom on earth, Christ promised to redeem all of creation. He promised fullness of life to those who would follow him and blessing to their neighbors. Yet many believers offer timid testimonies about...

/ January 9, 2023

Christmas “Time” is Here

“Quid est enim tempus?” “So what is time?”[1] Pangs of nostalgia for innocence lost, discontent with reality present, and some combination of fear, uncertainty, or despair about the future can combine to make Christmas an especially difficult time. Recently, two...

/ December 22, 2022

My AI Spiritual Director

After years working as a doctor in a hospital, a friend shared the most frustrating part of her job: patients whose online, amateur medical research weighs more heavily in their decision making than her professional opinion. She ended with a...

/ December 15, 2022

Dante Was Right: Suffering and Our Journey Toward God

“Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself/ In a dark wood, the right road lost.” These are the famous opening lines of Dante’s Divine Comedy and, even if you hate what follows, their brevity and archetypal power are hard...

/ December 12, 2022

Pursue Obscurity

Craig Bartholomew, who has been a friend and mentor to many of us younger Christian scholars, often repeats the admonition: “pursue obscurity.” It is not enough simply to accept obscurity, if it happens to be our lot. Rather, there is...

/ November 30, 2022


I taught my sons to fly a kite the other day. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the wind was just right for it. They are old enough to know how a kite should fly but not old enough...

/ November 16, 2022