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The Seed of Woman: Mary Among the Protestants

By Matthew Y. Emerson and R. Lucas Stamps One of our favorite images that circulates on social media during Advent depicts Eve and Mary both gazing at Mary’s swollen abdomen, a belly pregnant with the Life of the World, Jesus....

/ December 6, 2018

The Danger of Neglecting the Old Testament

By Joshua Heavin “How I love your torah, O Lord!” (Psalm 119:97) Love for torah is always fittingly strange by the grace of God. But I am concerned that literacy of and love for the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament...

/ November 28, 2018

Patience and Hermeneutics: On Brian Zahnd, Marcion, and Origen

I’m pleased to publish this guest essay from Dr. Mark Randall James. Brian Zahnd’s new book, Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God, has invited comparison with one of the greatest of early heretics, Marcion. In a long and...

/ August 28, 2017

Paul and the Slave Girl: Racism and the Great Gospel Narrative

I’m pleased to publish this guest feature from Joseph Torres. It’s impossible to be a culturally aware Christian and not be sensitive to the high tension environment in which we live. Just last week, a protest was held in Charlottesville,...

/ August 18, 2017

A Truth Above All Contexts: Daniel Kirk, Whiteness, and the Theological Interpretation of Scripture

I’m pleased to publish what is a predictably comprehensive critique by Alastair Roberts of some recent work written by Daniel Kirk, who has become one of the main intellectual leaders of the post-evangelical left. The Revisionism of the Theological Interpretation...

/ October 18, 2016

The Battle for the Bible and a “Literal” Hermeneutic

According to a piece recently published in the Los Angeles Review of Books evangelicals are losing the battle for the Bible—and they’re fine with that. In the review essay, author Jim Hinch quotes several recent books as well as an interview...

/ February 25, 2016

Sanctified by Grace Blog Tour: Election

One of the great problems facing the church today is how to cultivate a unified Christian mind on a corporate level in our churches and on an individual level in the lives of individual Christians. This challenge is, in one...

/ January 26, 2016

A Defense of “Biblical” Against Interpretative Nihilism.

The recent controversy surrounding Rachel Held Evans’ book has fortuitously coincided with some close rereading of Richard Hays’ Moral Vision of the New Testament, a work that is simultaneously awe-inspiring for its scope and frustrating for its ambiguity.  The question it pursues...

/ November 26, 2012

The King Jesus Gospel: A Review

I’ve been almost completely offline the past couple weeks, so I’m behind on everything.  But I just noticed that Leadership Journal published my review of Scot Mcknight’s new book The King Jesus Gospel. McKnight’s central critique is that contemporary evangelicals...

/ December 16, 2011

Christian Influence Fail: Rob Bell and Time Magazine

I never really cared about Rob Bell. I’ve never read his books but I like his nice videos. They seem like they might be attractive to people, maybe help influence doubters or seekers to examine Christianity a little more closely....

/ May 30, 2011