Category: Sexuality

“Unpaid Gestation” and the Abolition of the Family

Every day, 385,000 newborn babies enter the world. A fledgling group of theorists and writers is interested in reimagining how we think about these births and the children they produce. Using the provocative tagline “Abolish the Family,” this group of...

/ April 13, 2022

A Theology of Infertility

After years of secondary infertility, my wife and I discovered she was pregnant on Father’s Day of 2016. It was a stunning moment for us, a seemingly miraculous answer to prayers that we had mostly given up on. But three...

/ April 8, 2022

In Defense of the Gender Binary

We are now seeing seismic shifts in perception about sex, gender, and marriage. You might think this has been occurring for some time now, and you wouldn’t be wrong about that. But, granting that as truth, the shift seems especially...

/ April 7, 2022

The Culture War Comes Home

The culture war arrived in my hometown a few weeks ago with the approval of a new fairness ordinance by the Lincoln City Council. The ordinance is designed to provide protections against harassment and discrimination for LGBT+ people in Lincoln....

/ March 3, 2022

Ten Theses on Homosexuality and the Church

I wrote the following to clarify my own thoughts and also to (indirectly) respond to some recent discussions and developments within my own denomination (the PCA). But at present here are my own reflections on homosexuality today as a pastor...

/ November 11, 2021

Marriage as Moral Orthodoxy

As evangelicals watch megachurches and other institutions wobble in their convictions about marriage, we have sought to buttress support by elevating the traditional view of the doctrine to a matter of orthodoxy. Always up for a good statement — or...

/ November 3, 2021

We All Have the Power of Caligula Now

The logic, spirit, and economy of contemporary pornography is a near-perfect reflection of society’s failure to provide us with the tools necessary to meet the Responsibilities of Self-Belonging. Pornography assumes that we are each our own and belong to ourselves....

/ October 12, 2021

A Numbing Blow: Baptism as Illiberalism

“The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers,” wrote the Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan. He was pointing out in his inimitable way how the course of our lives unfold from an act over...

/ October 6, 2021

An Unresolved and Perilous Ambiguity

Recently, the 48th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America convened in St. Louis, Missouri. While much important business was conducted in the span of a few days, considerable attention was directed to the issue of ordination standards, particularly...

/ July 12, 2021

What the Courtship Movement and the Jedi Both Get Wrong

We are going to play a game. The game is called “Joshua Harris or Jedi Path?” and if you bring it out at parties, you will not be invited back.

/ October 5, 2020