Category: Theology and Practice

The Strong Doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy

I was just listening to a lecture by JP Moreland on the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy. A few highlights – these are not comprehensive arguments by any stretch but are aspects of the bigger argument that struck me: 1) The...

/ June 27, 2005

Quotes from “The Hidden Life”

A truly excellent devotional I am now reading is 19th century Bible expositor Adolph Saphir’s, The Hidden Life. Here are some gems: In the sweet valley of humiliation we behold Jesus exalted on His throne. Then the happy land, far,...

/ June 15, 2005

Death comes to all Men

You know you’ve been blogging for a while when blogging becomes an important outlet for the deeper thoughts of your normal life. Or in this case, normal death. Today, my grandfather passed away. As I reflected on his death, I...

/ June 14, 2005

Mind and Media Review–Unlock the Prison Doors

Terry Barber’s Unlock the Prison Doors claims to contain “Keys to breaking the chains of habitual sin.” Unfortunately, Barber’s “keys” seem to be a bit rusty and over-used. Barber is obviously a very pious and devout man who has faithfully...

/ June 4, 2005

More “hot ice and wondrous strange snow”

From another term paper: “Not only is the Christian God indescribable and magnificent, the description of God is interesting as well” (emphasis mine). That (rather unwittingly, I am afraid to say) sums up the whole problem of Christian theology.

/ May 25, 2005

Egalitarian Histories and the Claims of Scripture

The next couple days I’m going to revist a couple recent posts where people have left insightful comments that I would like to fully respond to. I’m going to begin with this post regarding PZ Meyer’s post about giving “proper...

/ April 26, 2005

Trent, Reformation, and the Spirit of Our Age

With all the news coverage of the passing of Pope John Paul II and now the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I have begun to hear more people abuzz with talk of ecumenism and the possibility of unity between Roman...

/ April 22, 2005

We May Have been Wrong

Recently, Mere-O featured a story in the Independent about previously unknown Greek texts being deciphered. It turns out the story may not be a story at all. From Hannibal at arstechnica: So as of right now, the rest of the...

/ April 20, 2005

The Sort of Thing Mere-O Goes Nuts Over

From the Independent: Now, in a breakthrough described as the classical equivalent of finding the holy grail, Oxford University scientists have employed infra-red technology to open up the hoard, known as the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, and with it the prospect that...

/ April 18, 2005

Hart on the Soul

Eastern Orthodox theologian David Hart on the Christian view of the soul: This is not to deny that, for Christian tradition, the soul transcends and survives the earthly life of the body. It is only to say that the soul,...

/ April 5, 2005