Category: Sports

Small Attempts at Ingenuity

This play by Arkansas against Auburn should have won them points just for creativity–not that they needed them.

/ October 9, 2006

Playoff Predictions

I, like my brother, wouldn’t bet on these picks. That said, I’ll take on the experts and offer my own prognostications regardless. And unlike Jayson Stark, I don’t think we’ll see the Yankees on top. Twins-Athletics: Twins in 4. Joe...

/ October 3, 2006

Rational Animals: Week Five

Back to sub-par…..and the end of our playoff hopes. Versus: The Longis Maghonis Recap: It was ugly from before the beginning until the end of the game. We only had four guys show up–Jonathan thankfully came at the last second,...

/ April 7, 2006

UCLA Goes Down to Better Florida Team

My Bruins had a fantastic run this year, so it was heartbreaking to see them lose one step shy of ultimate college basketball glory in the NCAA Championship game last night in Indianapolis, IN. But as this LA Times article...

/ April 4, 2006

Rational Animals: Week Four

Finally, we have returned to mediocrity. Enough bottom-dwelling for us. Week Four: vs. Quakers Recap: We finally came out strong. Jeremy, one of our best outside shooters, drilled a three on our first possession, and while it wasn’t all that...

/ March 29, 2006

Rational Animals: Week Three

Continuation of a theme: An Exercise in Humility. Opponent: Mama’s Boys Recap: A lackadaisical effort by yours truly at the beginning of the game allowed them to put us in an immediate 10-0 hole from which we never recovered. Two...

/ March 17, 2006

Rational Animals: Week Two

Victory at last. Week Two: vs. The Magic Johnsons Recap: By dictating the tempo of the game, Rational Animals took advantage of a newfound outside game to put away the Magic Johnsons. The Rational Animals built a semi-comfortable second half...

/ March 10, 2006

Rational Animals: Week One

Carnage. More carnage. Week One: vs. Street Ballers Recap: It was close for 32 minutes, then they pulled away. We had a number of turnovers and didn’t get back on defense, allowing a few easy baskets. I was, of course,...

/ March 1, 2006

Rational Animals: The Preseason

For the first time in eight years, I am on an organized basketball team. I will be blogging the season–why? Because I know you care. Really. Team name: Rational Animals (Yes, it’s an awesome name). Team captain: Alex Plato (with...

/ February 24, 2006

A Tale of Two Olympians

It was the best of times and the worst of times, but not like you’d think. Two American women Olympians showed what’s best about America and worst about America. Lindsey Kildow and Lindsey Jacobellis represented their countries in very different...

/ February 18, 2006