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Playoff Picks: Reveling in Mediocrity

Thankfully, I have already bested last year’s dismal record at picking playoff games.  Whereas my only correct selection came in the first round last year, this year I chose two teams correctly! That said, to the picks for round two:...

/ October 9, 2007

The Playoff Picks: Continuing my String of Stupendous Failure?

Last year, I experienced a level of playoff prediction failure previously unprecedented in my life. Of the seven series in the baseball playoffs, I predicted exactly one correctly. Curious to see whether I can repeat that level of incompetence, I...

/ October 3, 2007

Brilliant Play, Brilliant Faith

One of the world’s best footballers–the deadly Brazilian striker, Kaka–will attempt to lead AC Milan to victory today over a tough Liverpool squadfor the UEFA Champions League title. (You can see highlights of his role in dismantling Manchester United during...

/ May 23, 2007

Interceeding for the Irrelevant: Sports and Prayer

Watching tonight’s Suns/Spurs contest brought up all kinds of interesting questions in my mind about the efficacy of prayer. The Spurs went up by 20 with about 10 minutes left–I wanted a close game, and the Suns furious rally brought...

/ May 18, 2007

Moral Victories amidst Major Defeats

Jim was right. That makes twice this new year that I have boldly predicted games in opposition to my brother, and twice I have been soundly defeated (carrying on my fine tradition of picking sports from last year). The only...

/ January 8, 2007

Ducks Fly Together: Corporate Sponsorship and a Night with the NHL

Continuing the sports theme of this weekend, the wife treated me to my first ever NHL game tonight. And by fluke, it just happened to be a clash between two of the better teams in the NHL, the Ducks and...

/ January 7, 2007

Good Enough to Win

With a cornerback that was sitting at home on the couch last week, a depleted receiving corps, and an offensive line that has had eight different combinations this season, the Seahawks somehow managed to squeak by an equally reeling Dallas...

/ January 6, 2007

An Exercise in Brilliance

My picks for the baseball postseason. I had: Tigers. Reality: Cardinals. Yup–that’s full postseason where I only picked one series correctly. Anyone can blog. That sort of failure takes real talent.

/ October 28, 2006

An Excercise in Futility: World Series Picks

I am now intrigued by the possibility of picking every series wrong except for one (Cardinals in round one). My picks for the Division series champions: Mets and A’s. Reality: Cardinals and Tigers. I should pick the Cardinals for Gary’s...

/ October 21, 2006

Reason #104 to Read Mere-O

Disastrous playoff predictions. I had: Twins, Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals. Reality: A’s, Tigers, Mets and, well, Cardinals. Maybe I can continue my run of luck and pick everything the rest of the way wrong. Without further ado, my picks (again)...

/ October 9, 2006