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Brilliant Play, Brilliant Faith

One of the world’s best footballers–the deadly Brazilian striker, Kaka–will attempt to lead AC Milan to victory today over a tough Liverpool squadfor the UEFA Champions League title. (You can see highlights of his role in dismantling Manchester United during...

/ May 23, 2007

Interceeding for the Irrelevant: Sports and Prayer

Watching tonight’s Suns/Spurs contest brought up all kinds of interesting questions in my mind about the efficacy of prayer. The Spurs went up by 20 with about 10 minutes left–I wanted a close game, and the Suns furious rally brought...

/ May 18, 2007

Moral Victories amidst Major Defeats

Jim was right. That makes twice this new year that I have boldly predicted games in opposition to my brother, and twice I have been soundly defeated (carrying on my fine tradition of picking sports from last year). The only...

/ January 8, 2007

Ducks Fly Together: Corporate Sponsorship and a Night with the NHL

Continuing the sports theme of this weekend, the wife treated me to my first ever NHL game tonight. And by fluke, it just happened to be a clash between two of the better teams in the NHL, the Ducks and...

/ January 7, 2007

Good Enough to Win

With a cornerback that was sitting at home on the couch last week, a depleted receiving corps, and an offensive line that has had eight different combinations this season, the Seahawks somehow managed to squeak by an equally reeling Dallas...

/ January 6, 2007

An Exercise in Brilliance

My picks for the baseball postseason. I had: Tigers. Reality: Cardinals. Yup–that’s full postseason where I only picked one series correctly. Anyone can blog. That sort of failure takes real talent.

/ October 28, 2006

An Excercise in Futility: World Series Picks

I am now intrigued by the possibility of picking every series wrong except for one (Cardinals in round one). My picks for the Division series champions: Mets and A’s. Reality: Cardinals and Tigers. I should pick the Cardinals for Gary’s...

/ October 21, 2006

Reason #104 to Read Mere-O

Disastrous playoff predictions. I had: Twins, Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals. Reality: A’s, Tigers, Mets and, well, Cardinals. Maybe I can continue my run of luck and pick everything the rest of the way wrong. Without further ado, my picks (again)...

/ October 9, 2006

Small Attempts at Ingenuity

This play by Arkansas against Auburn should have won them points just for creativity–not that they needed them.

/ October 9, 2006

Playoff Predictions

I, like my brother, wouldn’t bet on these picks. That said, I’ll take on the experts and offer my own prognostications regardless. And unlike Jayson Stark, I don’t think we’ll see the Yankees on top. Twins-Athletics: Twins in 4. Joe...

/ October 3, 2006