Category: Political Theology

Arguing with George William Curtis

I’d never heard of George William Curtis before this past Saturday. A quote of his popped up on my friend’s facebook wall, in what I assume to be a strange way of pepping himself up for the US/Ghana World Cup...

/ June 27, 2010

Government according to O’Donovan

I have written plenty about Oliver O’Donovan’s political theology.  Or not so much “written” as quoted.  In many ways, I’m still in the midst of the long process of digesting his project in a way that allows me to reformulate...

/ May 21, 2010

Faction and Revolt: Kyrgyzstan in Light of American Foundations

Kyrgyzstan is in revolt but it is unclear what the revolt will accomplish.  The opposition parties are demanding democracy and equality, fed up with the cronyism of current President, Kurmanbek Bakiev and convinced that the government is working to undermine...

/ April 7, 2010