Category: Politics

Cultural Assimilation and the Curious Cases of Jessica Krug and Rachel Dolezal

After Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, educator Jane Elliot held an experiment with her elementary school students that she called “Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes.” The experiment became famous, and she repeated it for various audiences for years,...

/ June 17, 2021

Racism and Whiteness: Bad Words We Have to Live With

Like anyone who has thought about the problem of race for more than five minutes, I find the topic of language and terminology vexing. Terms like racism, anti-blackness, ethnocentric, antiracist, white supremacy, whiteness, prejudice, (and now quite unfortunately) woke or...

/ May 12, 2021

What Theonomy Gets Wrong About the Law

Theonomy talk has resurfaced. Perhaps, this is the Protestant-evangelical concomitant to the Integralist debate presently occupying politically astute Catholicism. I welcome it. If nothing else, it means that Christians are taking politics (and public morality) seriously again. A robust debate...

/ May 11, 2021

Critical Theory as Method, Metanarrative, and Mood

In a recent article in First Things, “Evangelicals and Race Theory,” Carl Trueman enters into an increasingly contentious intramural debate amongst American evangelicals about the place of Critical Race Theory (and Critical Theory more broadly) in the life of the...

/ May 3, 2021

Covid-19, One Year On, Pt II: The Limits of Politics

One year ago today, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US passed 85,000, surpassing China where the virus had begun, and giving us the unenviable distinction of being #1 in the world. Today, America still holds that...

/ March 26, 2021

Explainer: Three Strategies for Family Policy Reform

Pity the poor tax code. Its drab cells and spreadsheets can’t bear the amount of moral weight we bring to bear on it. Whether, or how, to provide benefits to parents immediately raises all sorts of questions about the dignity...

/ February 18, 2021

Senator Rubio’s Work

To this day one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had was a retail gig I had for about a year after college. It was at a small neighborhood liquor store owned by a family that’d been in the neighborhood...

/ February 12, 2021

Called to Judgment: A Critical Review of “Fratelli Tutti”

Like a prophetic denunciation from the days of ancient Israel, the Covid-19 pandemic has come upon our self-absorbed and decadent civilization like a bolt from the blue, throwing into sharp relief the follies and fault-lines in our moral thinking and...

/ February 9, 2021

From the Ashes

Despite formidable remnants of power, the western late-modern system and its globally imperial philosophies are collapsing under the weight of their internal inconsistencies and increasingly visible external shortcomings. For evidence of our collectively culpable failure, one need only look to...

/ January 28, 2021

A Homegrown Christian Insurgency

We’re living between the times. We’re in the territory of the “already, but not yet.” Is the kingdom of insurgency at hand?

/ January 26, 2021