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Mohammed and Pop Culture

After meeting with Matt in Seattle and being mildly reprimanded for not having contributed anything to Mere Orthodoxy but only revelling in the enjoyment of reading the opinions of others, I have decided to try my hand at blogging. (It...

/ December 27, 2004


As my brother points out, Rossi’s maintained a forty-two vote lead in the Washington gubenatorial race recount. Interesting quote from Gregoire in her statement (as published by Bloomberg): “Voters have a sacred right to have their ballots counted. That’s been...

/ November 24, 2004

Though I think these a little unfair…

Here’s the latest audio splice of Kerry damning himself with his own words… Albeit out of context, usually. This is no argument, but, being that the campaign is over now, it’s good for a laugh. If you can’t get...

/ November 3, 2004

The People have Spoken.

ABC still refuses to call it. According to the official numbers, Bush has a lead in Ohio of 134,019. The official “provisional ballot” count is only at 110,361. There is no way Kerry wins the election. Bush has triumphed. To...

/ November 3, 2004

And now for the surreal moment of the night….

Elected as Justice to the Ohio Supreme Court: Yup. Paul Pfeifer.

/ November 2, 2004

And the one that tops them all……..

Dan Rather: “We’d rather be last than wrong.” HAH! Rathergate, anyone?

/ November 2, 2004

Yes, even more….

Ralph Nader: “Democrats are going backwards in to the future.” Eh?

/ November 2, 2004

More election moments…

Peter Jennings interviewing John McCain: Mcain: “You know, the war was the big issue in this election and Bush was the best candidate for that reason, but I’m still good friends with John Kerry.” Jennings: “Well, there you have it:...

/ November 2, 2004

Election Moments

The Bush campaign (curiously) just released a video of President Bush in the White House saying (apparently), “I’m going to win and we’re going to know tonight.” The Kerry response? “Bush looks nervous.” He looked nervous? I’d love to see...

/ November 2, 2004

More Biola

William Stuntz over at TCS has an interesting article on the hottest Senate race in the country–Daschle vs. Thune. Over 50 million bucks have been spent on the race between the two candidates. has Thune with a slight lead...

/ October 31, 2004