Category: Politics

Election Moments

The Bush campaign (curiously) just released a video of President Bush in the White House saying (apparently), “I’m going to win and we’re going to know tonight.” The Kerry response? “Bush looks nervous.” He looked nervous? I’d love to see...

/ November 2, 2004

More Biola

William Stuntz over at TCS has an interesting article on the hottest Senate race in the country–Daschle vs. Thune. Over 50 million bucks have been spent on the race between the two candidates. has Thune with a slight lead...

/ October 31, 2004

Integrity, integrity…….uh……integrity?

The potential bomb the blogosphere has been abuzz with has landed. Suddenly in question is this quote, made by Kerry in the second presidential debate: “This president hasn’t listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council...

/ October 24, 2004

Devestating Video about John Kerry

Check out this video on John Kerry. It is, at the very least, interesting. It is a montage of Kerry clips on issues surrounding Iraq, some taken from the first war. One wonders how many were taken out of context–assuredly,...

/ August 10, 2004

Who was M. Regulus? (And why don’t we care?)

In prep for my classes next semester, I picked up The City of God today and started what will have to a be a very fast read. It’s been a while since I was in Augustine so I was a...

/ July 18, 2004

Plato’s “Republic” in Aristotle’s “Politics”

In the third book of Aristotle’s Politics, he sets forth his ideal government. In order to find the best one, he informs the reader that he will exposit and reject several theories by other prominent philosophers. He begins, naturally, with...

/ July 16, 2004

Free from politics

Jim (Matt’s brother) writes: But then you’ve got films like On the Waterfront, which is political, entertaining, and artistic at the same time. (It also has one of the most sympathetic, perhaps most realistic Hollywood portrayals of a man of...

/ May 26, 2004