Category: Politics

Tradition as a Way of Life: Yoram Hazony’s Winsome Defense

Professed conservatives have long been at a disadvantage relative to their liberal and social democratic opponents and seem continually to lose ground to these ideologies claiming the progressive label. This is because the principles of liberalism and socialism are straightforward...

/ August 22, 2022

The Uselessness of “Christian Nationalism”

Over the past several years the topic of Christian nationalism has occupied the minds of Evangelical intellectuals and pastors. No less than half a dozen books have been written on the subject in the past year. Three of them have...

/ July 18, 2022


Shame is, amongst other things, the problem of how to understand yourself and your relationship to neighbor in the aftermath of offending or hurting your neighbor. Given the fragmentation of our society, we shouldn’t be surprised that no one seems...

/ July 11, 2022

Orbanism and the Revolution

One of the chief difficulties about the conversation between the Augustinian Liberal Christian Right and the Reactionary Christian Right to this point has been a lack of clarity about the actual political principles and norms that reactionary conservative evangelicals affirm.

/ July 5, 2022

The Triviality of Pro-Choice Memes

Last week SCOTUS handed down its decision in the Dobbs case and changed the course of American legal, moral, and, well, general history, by striking down Roe v. Wade, ending the nation-wide regime of abortion-on-demand across virtually all nine months...

/ June 30, 2022

60 Questions for Pro-Choice Christians

For many evangelicals, the leaked draft decision last month felt like the culmination of many prayers, tears, hard conversations, and difficult decisions at the voting polls. Now that Roe has fallen, the most vulnerable will now have a chance to...

/ June 29, 2022

The Violence We Can’t Live Without

It is easier to be violent than it is to care. That is the problem near the heart of so many of the maladies afflicting our nation today. Care costs us something. It demands something from us. If you choose...

/ June 28, 2022

Critical Race Theory, Campus Culture, and Reformed Theology

No diploma and no graduation, that was the punishment. Five students had organized a large public protest on their university campus. A scholar who opposed the #blacklivesmatter movement had come to their school to deliver a public lecture. In response,...

/ June 27, 2022

The Land is Bright

And not through eastern windows only, When daylight comes, comes in the light; In front the sun climbs slow, — how slowly! But westward — look! the land is bright. ~ A. H. Clough And so Roe is overthrown. Some...

/ June 24, 2022

The Danger of Forgetting America’s Anti-Racist History

Jake Meador has offered a thoughtful and challenging piece concerning the relationship between Christianity and the United States. Meador’s most salient point is that he has “become very suspicious of accounts of Christianity’s place in American life that leave out...

/ June 9, 2022