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On Prayer Shaming

If you grew up evangelical, or at least in the fundamentalist brand of evangelicalism I grew up in, one of the things you learned about prayer is that it isn’t gossip if you tell a compromising story about another person...

/ December 4, 2015

Moral Sentimentalism and Mechanized Society

Recently Alastair Roberts and I had the chance to do an email back and forth over an issue I’ve noticed increasingly often in the way that many are reasoning about issues of public ethics. Unsurprisingly, the discussion sprawled out a...

/ November 30, 2015

Protestantism and the Benedict Option

The following is less a long-form essay and more a series of semi-connected thoughts concerning the Benedict Option and American Protestantism. I’ve broken them down with headers in hopes of making it easier for readers to pick out which parts...

/ August 27, 2015

On substitutionary atonement and disgraced politicians

In one of the great skewerings of both the Washington political establishment and modern language, George Carlin destroyed politicians–here you should think of Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner–who are caught in a major scandal, but don’t see why that should...

/ June 7, 2013

The Meaning of the 2012 Election

Last night’s election is going to be dissected for a long time to come.  Gay marriage passed at the ballot box for the first time, marijuana was legalized in two states, and Republicans generally got it handed to them.  Mitt...

/ November 7, 2012

Five Reasons I’m Voting for Mitt Romney

My vote won’t matter at all in California, but I sent in my ballot last week anyway, voting for Mitt Romney. Am I super excited about everything Romney stands for? Not at all. I’m uncomfortable with his Mormon faith, regret that...

/ October 25, 2012

Julia’s Monochromatic Life: A Guest post by Ryan Messmore

Editor’s note:  Ryan is a good friend of mine and a fellow Oliver O’Donovan aficionado.  He was kind enough to take on the now infamous “Life of Julia” from President Obama.  Last week President Obama’s campaign website premiered “The Life...

/ May 10, 2012

On Boycotts, Komen, and Political Hope

Alan Noble over at Christ and Pop Culture takes on conservatives for how they went about the Komen controversy: Christian activism tends to take two forms, political and economic. The basic method in both cases is the same, though: we...

/ February 13, 2012

Accommodation, Contraception, and Religious Freedom

Let’s pick up where we left off last week, shall we? On Friday, President Obama addressed the nation and announced a compromise on the question of mandatory contraception.  In short, women who work at religious institutions will still be able...

/ February 13, 2012

The Christian Post and Sojourners

Apologies for returning to this theme yet again, but this is what happens when discussions occur and I have words to say. At any rate, The Christian Post took a gander at Mere-O today and provided  a reasonably accurate overview...

/ September 7, 2011