Category: Obituary

The World Was Not Worthy: In Memoriam Fr. Paul Mankowski

Hagiography has fallen out of fashion. Whether it is seen as dishonest or whether there are too few saints worthy of it, I don’t know. But the death of Fr. Paul Mankowski, S.J. calls for nothing less, for he was...

/ September 15, 2020

A Thousand Liveried Angels Lackey Her: In Memoriam Nancy Snyder

Fame in this country and fame on Earth are two quite different things. ~ C. S. Lewis High tea is a long-established Sunday evening tradition at L’Abri. The thinking is that after a large Sunday lunch following church, dinner is not...

/ August 21, 2020

J. I. Packer: Catechetical Theologian

Funny how it hits you when a beloved teacher dies. Almost unbidden, a passel of images, emotions, and memories of moments spent together remind you of the enduring impact that person’s words, deeds, and character had upon you. The effect...

/ July 23, 2020

In Memory: Professor James D. G. Dunn

The death of my friend Professor James D.G. Dunn, aged 80, brought back many memories not just of his extraordinary range of achievements in biblical scholarship but in his humanity and passion for biblical mission and ministry.

/ July 6, 2020