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Mere Fidelity

The Bostock Ruling with Tim Schultz

Tim Schultz, president of the 1st Amendment Partnership, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting religious freedom for Americans of all faiths, joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to discuss the Bostock v. Clayton County ruling. The discussion includes an overview of...

/ June 26, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World,” with Dr. Tara Isabella Burton

While formal religious adherence has decreased in the modern age, spirituality has not. To answer why intuitions seem to be replacing institutions, Dr. Tara Isabella Burton joins Matt, Derek, and Alastair to discuss her new book, Strange Rites: New Religions...

/ June 23, 2020
Mere Fidelity

QAnon and The Church

Matt, Derek, and Alastair sit down to discuss why people are attracted to conspiracy theories. Listen in to hear the difference between credulity and conspiracy, why fringe groups matter, and how to handle those in the church who embrace QAnon...

/ June 16, 2020
Mere Fidelity

Lynchings, Protests, Unrest, and Racism in America with Malcolm Foley

How have black protestant’s responded to their lynchings through American history? Malcolm Foley (PhD Candidate in Religion at Baylor University and Director of Discipleship at Mosaic Waco) joins Matt and Derek to discuss his research on this issue and how...

/ June 9, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration,” with Dr. Anthony Bradley

Justice issues are ever prevalent in modern society. Moreover, conversations around justice are often co-opted by overly simplistic solutions. Dr. Anthony Bradley (Professor of Religious Studies at The King’s College in New York City and Research Fellow at the Acton...

/ May 26, 2020
Mere Fidelity

The Struggle of Prayer

Matt, Derek, and Alastair discuss the struggles and misconceptions surrounding prayer: how prayer becomes burdensome, prayer as experiencing God in a veiled way, and what petitions in prayer should we not ask for? All of this and more. Timestamps: LIVE...

/ May 19, 2020
Mere Fidelity

What is The Gospelâ„¢?

What exactly is the gospel? Is it merely the message that Jesus is king, or is the forgiveness of sins and justification also constitutive to the gospel? The entire cast and crew are here to discuss the resuscitated debate between...

/ May 12, 2020
Mere Fidelity

The Future of Christian Higher Education with Dr. John Mark Reynolds

College debt, an economic crisis, and the potential problem of aristocratic elitism in classical education are just some of the issues facing Christian higher education today. Here to discuss these and more, Matt and Derek are joined by Dr. John...

/ May 6, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“The Care of Souls,” with Dr. Harold Senkbeil

Amidst life’s demands and pastoral burnout, how does a pastor care for a soul? Dr. Harold Senkbeil joins Matt and Derek to discuss his recent book, The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart, where he invites a new generation...

/ April 28, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“Politics After Christendom,” with Dr. David VanDrunen

What kind of political theology do we need in an age after Christendom? Dr. David VanDrunen joins Matt and Derek to discuss his latest book, Politics After Christendom: Political Theology in a Fractured World, where he aims to answer this...

/ April 21, 2020