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Mere Fidelity: A Bible Study on Genesis 1

Alastair, Derek and Matt get together for a good ol’ fashioned Bible study on Genesis 1. If you like the show, please do leave us a review on iTunes. We are also available on Google Play. If you’re interested in...

/ April 4, 2017

Mere Fidelity: On Lent, with Steven Wedgeworth

In this latest episode of Mere Fidelity, we take up the question of Lent and individualism with Steven Wedgeworth, pastor of Christ Church Lakeland and writer at The Calvinist International. As with all great Mere Fidelity episodes, this one started...

/ March 21, 2017

Mere Fidelity: The Fractured Republic, with Yuval Levin

We are thrilled to have Yuval Levin join us to discuss his important book The Fractured Republic: Renewing America’s Social Contract in an Age of Individualism. Levin is widely regarded as one of the brightest conservative thinkers working today. He helped found both...

/ February 21, 2017

Mere Fidelity: Reviving the Worship Wars

In this episode of Mere Fidelity, we decide it’s time to revive the worship wars. If you like the show, please do leave us a review on iTunes. We are also available on Google Play. If you’re interested in supporting...

/ February 15, 2017

Mere Fidelity: Silence, with Brett McCracken

In this episode, we discuss Martin Scorsese’s new film Silence, which is an adaptation of Shūsaku Endo’s book of the same name. Film critic Brett McCracken makes his Mere Fidelity debut; he reviewed the film here, and can be followed on Twitter here....

/ February 7, 2017

Mere Fidelity: Episode #100

When we started this here show, we weren’t sure that we would make it to episode 2–much less 100.  We’re very grateful for your kind support and patronage the past few years. In this 100th episode, we answer a smattering...

/ January 26, 2017

Mere Fidelity: Humble Roots, with Hannah Anderson

Welcome to Mere Fidelity, 2017! We are delighted to be back…but even more excited that Hannah Anderson joined us for this first episode of the new year to discuss her new book Humble Roots. Andrew Wilson called it the ‘best new book’...

/ January 17, 2017

Mere Fidelity: The Incarnation

In the final show of 2016, Matt, Alastair, and Derek consider whether God would have become incarnate had Adam not sinned, and the value of thinking about such hypotheticals. Thanks to all of our listeners for your support this year. This...

/ December 24, 2016

Mere Fidelity: The Four Loves, on Charity

We conclude the discussion on Lewis’s Four Loves by considering the nature of ‘charity.’ If you enjoyed the show, leave us a review at iTunes. If you didn’t enjoy the show, let us know and we’ll work to make it better. Or...

/ December 19, 2016

Mere Fidelity: with Tim Keller, on ‘Making Sense of God’

We are delighted to have a preacher some of you might have heard before on the show: Tim Keller. He joins us to discuss his (excellent) new book, Making Sense of God: An Invitation to the Skeptical. If you enjoyed the...

/ December 13, 2016