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Redemption Songs

Jars of Clay’s Redemption Songs is an absolute gem.  Though it contains no original lyrics, Jars of Clay brings their distinctive acoustic style to traditional hymns.  As they say in the liner notes,  You have in your hands a collection of very old...

/ February 10, 2006

i like switchfoot……no, I Love Switchfoot

About 24 hours ago I stopped procrastinating and bought Switchfoot’s new CD Nothing is Sound and, man, did I make a good decision. It is another offering of what we’ve come to expect and love about the San Diego pop/rock...

/ October 29, 2005

Dies Irae: The Place of Fear in Verdi's Requiem

Last evening the Canterbury Choral Society gave a laudable performance of Verdi’s Requiem at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. The weighty lyrics were expertly matched with a full-bodied performance of the soul-shaking music. Verdi was a king of operatic composition,...

/ October 23, 2005