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Thomas Says: Clerics Cannot Kill Sinners (This Means You, Too, Protestant Pastors)

The question of whether a cleric can kill a sinner (criminal) is not one that occupies the thoughts of Christians today. But whenever we find such a question that occupies a past thinker it’s important to reflect on why we...

/ October 30, 2009

Thomas Says: Why You (Most Likely) Can’t Kill a Sinner

Previously I covered what Thomas says about killing plants and animals and killing sinners. Regarding plants and animals, Thomas says it’s okay to kill them because they are for our use. Regarding sinners, Thomas says it’s okay to kill them...

/ October 23, 2009

Thomas Says: Killing Sinners

After his discussion of whether it’s a sin to kill plants or animals, Thomas discusses the question of whether it’s permissible to kill sinners.  Thomas says it is not a sin to kill sinners.  We’ll see that the question of...

/ September 9, 2009