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A Brief Reply to My Brother Regarding the Essence of Political Theory

A caveat: I’ve not yet had time to read the article my brother pointed me to. My brother, in the comments to my post on Popper, writes: First, Lewis’s critique seems aimed at Behaviorism (hence the word “conditioners”). Behaviorists believed...

/ January 19, 2005


When perusing comments over at Pandas Thumb, I came across a link to this list of the top 100 non-fiction books of the 20th century from National Review. Check out entries six and seven: 6. The Open Society and Its...

/ January 14, 2005

What is to be done with this tragedy?

The situation in the East is overwhelming. I hope that I am not the only one experiencing some resistance at facing the truth, hearing what has happened, seeing the images. It feels surreal and a part of me wants it...

/ January 8, 2005

A Dilemma for My Brother

For those trudging through the 1000 word posts on Matthew 24, here is a much simpler and shorter essay. My brother claims that Jesus told his disciples he would return “immediately after” the fall of Jerusalem in AD70. Jesus did...

/ January 7, 2005

Did Jesus Claim to Return and Get it Wrong?

My brother took up my previous post on this issue on his own blog. I am following suit and returning the favor here. He writes: First, note that the parables listed (about drowsiness, about delay) and the tasks given (preach...

/ January 7, 2005

Hewitt Vox Blogoli VI

If you are visiting from Hewitt’s site, then you have by now read the Newsweek piece on the veracity of the Incarnation. I won’t bother repeating the systematic destruction of Dr. Mark Roberts. If you haven’t read it yet, read...

/ December 14, 2004

Old news..

The net is already abuzz with the news of Antony Flew’s switch. I first read about it from Jonathansink. Also, the interview in Philosophia Christi is fascinating. Habermas pushes Flew about his position on the possibility of the after-life. Flew...

/ December 11, 2004

Plato III

It’s unbelievable how pregnant my soul is with thought. Yes, that’s a very Platonic thing to say, but I’ve just spent 15 hours reading Plato. So there. The weekend was unbelievable. I would love to turn the spoken logos into...

/ November 15, 2004

Plato II

Tonight’s major revelation: I am not a Platonist. Fundamentally, I think Good is not “beyond” Being. I do not see how this can be coherent. Details to follow. Time for bed.

/ November 14, 2004

Plato I

It’s been a long, fascinating evening of Being, Becoming and 30 amazing people. The Republic meta-thon turned in to a Timaeus/Republic metathon. You can read the Capn’s summaries (as well as some of his personal reflections) here. I won’t repeat...

/ November 13, 2004