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Reforming Virtue Ethics

By Brewer Eberly and Brian Mesimer “What is the chief end of man?” Many Reformed evangelicals will recognize this as the opening question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. Christians may be surprised to learn that it is the same question...

/ December 4, 2018

Faithful Extension and the Question of Human Origins

William T. Cavanaugh and Jamie K. A. Smith, eds.: Evolution and the Fall, Eerdmans, 2017. The questions the church confronts most severely at present are questions of human nature, and what to call good and what to reject as broken...

/ December 19, 2017

Blame Jacques Derrida for Donald Trump.

I’m pleased to run this guest piece by S.D. Kelly, particularly given the direction the Trump campaign has gone in the past week. A dozen years after his death, the ideas promoted by the historian and philosopher Jacques Derrida still...

/ March 31, 2016

Playful, Passionate, Principled, but never Putrid Polemics (Or, Don’t Forget Jesus in an Argument)

If you’ve ever had an “intensely engaged” discussion with a friend in class, a Facebook thread, blog, or a Twitter-battle, you’ve engaged in polemics. Now, you needn’t worry that this is a particularly un-Christian activity. A friend of mine recently...

/ July 16, 2013

Because Telling Another Person They’re Just Wrong Usually Isn’t Helpful

From what I hear, there was a presidential election recently. I’ve also heard that it highlighted (again) some fundamental differences about moral issues that divide the citizenry. Just in case those things are true, and even if they’re not, I...

/ November 13, 2012

Essay Prizes, the Problem of Evil, and Philosophy of Religion: An Interview with Michael Rea

Notre Dame’s Center for the Philosophy of Religion has just announced a unique opportunity for an academic community:  they are offering 10 $3000 prizes to people who publish essays in non-academic publications that expound upon the philosophical work that’s been...

/ May 2, 2012

Thomas Says: Scandal, It’s So Special

This is the third in my intermittent series on Aquinas on the topic of scandal, which is covered in question 43 of the second part of the second part of his Summa Theologiae. In the first two posts I covered...

/ January 27, 2012

Thomas Says: So Scandalous It’s a Sin

In the first post in this series on Aquinas’s account of scandal, we saw that Aquinas defines scandal as “something less rightly said or done that occasions spiritual downfall” and that he distinguishes between active and passive scandal. In this...

/ November 30, 2011

Thomas Says: So Scandalous!

Because you can never have too much Aquinas, I’ve decided to reboot my blogging here with another series on the thought of the Angelic Doctor. The first topic in the series was Thomas’s thoughts on killing. For no particular reason,...

/ November 7, 2011