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Plato’s Euthyphro versus Aristophanes’ The Clouds

It’s nice to be blogging again! Greek and Roman philosophy are on my mind… Plato’s Euthyphro recounts the conversation Socrates had with Euthyphro, a religious leader, just before his trial. It comes out that this man is also awaiting a...

/ January 21, 2005

An abstract and somewhat poetic post

I was talking to Matt at his fiance’s house, conversing on the nature of talk. I said nothing not brought to discussion is ever remembered or well understood. “No,” he said, “there’s something to be said, not for talk, but...

/ January 16, 2005

Descent into Heaven

My students have recently been reading Charles Williams’ Descent into Hell. Though I had read Williams’ Figure of Beatrice (which is, incidentally, an excellent commentary on Dante’s thought), this was my first exposure to his fiction. His writing style is...

/ January 4, 2005

Plato III

It’s unbelievable how pregnant my soul is with thought. Yes, that’s a very Platonic thing to say, but I’ve just spent 15 hours reading Plato. So there. The weekend was unbelievable. I would love to turn the spoken logos into...

/ November 15, 2004

Plato II

Tonight’s major revelation: I am not a Platonist. Fundamentally, I think Good is not “beyond” Being. I do not see how this can be coherent. Details to follow. Time for bed.

/ November 14, 2004

Plato I

It’s been a long, fascinating evening of Being, Becoming and 30 amazing people. The Republic meta-thon turned in to a Timaeus/Republic metathon. You can read the Capn’s summaries (as well as some of his personal reflections) here. I won’t repeat...

/ November 13, 2004

Who was M. Regulus? (And why don’t we care?)

In prep for my classes next semester, I picked up The City of God today and started what will have to a be a very fast read. It’s been a while since I was in Augustine so I was a...

/ July 18, 2004