Category: Literature

Literary Criticism and Epistemology

For some time I have been bothered by the phenomenon of 20th C. literary criticism of all varieties: Marxist, feminist, post-colonial and the other smatterings. It just rubs me the wrong way. After remembering Rodrick Chisholm’s insightful article, “The Problem...

/ February 1, 2005

Plato’s Euthyphro versus Aristophanes’ The Clouds

It’s nice to be blogging again! Greek and Roman philosophy are on my mind… Plato’s Euthyphro recounts the conversation Socrates had with Euthyphro, a religious leader, just before his trial. It comes out that this man is also awaiting a...

/ January 21, 2005

An abstract and somewhat poetic post

I was talking to Matt at his fiance’s house, conversing on the nature of talk. I said nothing not brought to discussion is ever remembered or well understood. “No,” he said, “there’s something to be said, not for talk, but...

/ January 16, 2005

Descent into Heaven

My students have recently been reading Charles Williams’ Descent into Hell. Though I had read Williams’ Figure of Beatrice (which is, incidentally, an excellent commentary on Dante’s thought), this was my first exposure to his fiction. His writing style is...

/ January 4, 2005

Plato III

It’s unbelievable how pregnant my soul is with thought. Yes, that’s a very Platonic thing to say, but I’ve just spent 15 hours reading Plato. So there. The weekend was unbelievable. I would love to turn the spoken logos into...

/ November 15, 2004

Plato II

Tonight’s major revelation: I am not a Platonist. Fundamentally, I think Good is not “beyond” Being. I do not see how this can be coherent. Details to follow. Time for bed.

/ November 14, 2004

Plato I

It’s been a long, fascinating evening of Being, Becoming and 30 amazing people. The Republic meta-thon turned in to a Timaeus/Republic metathon. You can read the Capn’s summaries (as well as some of his personal reflections) here. I won’t repeat...

/ November 13, 2004

Who was M. Regulus? (And why don’t we care?)

In prep for my classes next semester, I picked up The City of God today and started what will have to a be a very fast read. It’s been a while since I was in Augustine so I was a...

/ July 18, 2004