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The Politics of the Christmas Truce

On December 24, 1914 a group of German soldiers near the western front along the border between France and Belgium set down their guns and began scavenging in the space behind their trench in search of trees. Due to what...

/ April 9, 2015

Young, Restless, and Reformed Homeboys on Lenten Fasting

Last spring, I wrote about my skepticism about the newfound trendiness of lenten fasting among Evangelicals of my generation. The trend continues apace. Here’s Glenn Packiam, pastor of New Life Downtown in Colorado Springs (it’s a “parish” of the more...

/ March 5, 2014

Are Millennials Joining High Church Traditions?

Gracy Olmstead has written the latest edition of an article that is in danger of becoming a meme amongst traditionalist conservatives: Millennial Christians are, apparently, converting to high church traditions en masse. Rebecca Van Doodewaard, Jeremy Tate, and Scot McKnight have also discussed this issue recently...

/ January 16, 2014

Still Eating Sausages: Reservations Regarding Evangelicals and Lent

Matt’s discussion of the Radicals and their revolution against comfortable and convenient Christianity has emerged, perhaps fittingly, during the liturgical season of Lent. The annual forty-day fast has always focused on the sacrifice inherent to the Christian call. Therefore, it...

/ March 27, 2013

The New Pope: Novelty Following Precedent

Yesterday, the Roman Catholic Church got a new Pope: Pope Francis, né Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio. The former archbishop of Buenos Aires was a bit of a surprise pick, as Cardinal Bergoglio was on almost none of the lists of...

/ March 14, 2013

Papal Resignations — A Historian’s Take

Pope Benedict caught the whole world off-guard this morning. At the end of the consistory of the College of Cardinals, he announced his resignation as bishop of Rome, effective on the evening of February 28. It was a true surprise...

/ February 11, 2013

Athanasius Trash-Talking the Greek Philosophers

Athanasius takes a swipe at the limited popular influence of the Greek philosophers: As to Greek wisdom, however, and the philosophers’ noisy talk, I really think no one requires argument from us; for the amazing fact is patent to all that,...

/ October 11, 2012

Why Church History? Our Future Contemporaries

Last year, I asked “Why Church History?”, and my answer was to point to the spiritual fellowship that we share across time. We look back, and we see a great crowd all bearing witness to one great Savior. This time,...

/ June 22, 2012

Variety of the Young Reformed — A Reply to D.G. Hart

D.G. Hart has given some feedback and pushback to Matt’s and my posts on Voluntarity and the Young Reformed.  Dr. Hart is not one to back away from the rough and tumble of electronic controversy, so I am glad to...

/ July 12, 2011

Dating Easter

Last Sunday was Easter. This year was a special year, in that the Eastern and Western churches celebrated it on the same date. Easter is a variable-date feast for both families of churches, but the range of possible dates under...

/ April 28, 2011