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Global Economies, Immigration, and Precarious Places

I’m pleased to publish this essay by Matthew Petersen. In response to somewhat shrill claims by some Christian intellectuals that Christians ought to support mass migration, and oppose Brexit, Stephen Wolfe recently published an article at Mere Orthodoxy arguing that Christians...

/ August 17, 2016

The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence

It’s probably appropriate and wise to begin a review of Gary Haugen and Victor Boutros’ newly-released The Locust Effect by admitting my biases up front: I’ve been an unabashed supporter of International Justice Mission since the early 2000s, particularly after...

/ January 22, 2014

Seven Thoughts on Together for Adoption

I am an outsider to the evangelical adoption movement, and my time at Together for Adoption did not change that.  My wife and I are not considering adopting, nor am I by any means spending my time thinking through the...

/ October 24, 2011

Grief in Infertility: Together for Adoption National Conference

In a world where every aspect of the procreative process is shaped by the omnipotence and omnipresent arm of technology, it can be easy to forget the fundamental miracle that human life is. In Romans 4, the proof of the...

/ October 21, 2011

Together for Adoption National Conference

I’m hanging out this weekend at Together for Adoption, which is ground zero for the evangelical adoption movement.  If you’re in the Phoenix area or attending the conference, please do make sure to say “hi.”  I’m on Twitter, too. If...

/ October 21, 2011

Marathons, Uganda, and World Vision

My friend Bradley Hofbauer runs marathons. Now, runners are a bit of a strange breed to begin with, but marathoners take the crazy to new levels.  I say that lovingly, I’ll have you know.  I spent a year running cross...

/ August 22, 2011