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Farmers and Humanists in an Age of Crisis: Technology, Death, and Resurrection

As a teenager at my parents’ small-town church, I heard men in business suits express relief that they made it out of the farm where they grew up. “I got out,” they would say. The implication: I moved up. I...

/ July 10, 2019

An Interview with Laura Dunn, Director of “The Seer”

Tomorrow I hope to publish a brief review of Laura Dunn’s new film “The Seer.” It’s a unique film and a hard one to pin down because while it is a portrait of Wendell Berry, Berry himself is never actually...

/ March 17, 2016

Evangelicals are not modern gnostics. We’re materialists.

There’s a scene in HBO’s John Adams miniseries that remains one of the most succinct summaries of today’s defining cultural battle. The scene features the two guiding stars of the American founding, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. The two friends are attending...

/ November 4, 2015

Genetically Modified Food: Mark Lynas and Your Inner Luddite

Earlier this month, Mark Lynas, a leading environmental campaigner and erstwhile anti-GM food crusader, delivered a lecture to the Oxford Farming Conference that brazenly combined penitence and pugnacity, offering a public recantation of his own views on GM food while...

/ January 25, 2013

The Gospel According to Trees: Animal Kingdom

I’ve always been a sucker for animals. I have a long-standing (and well-deserved) reputation for adopting every stray dog that comes into my line of vision. I am currently spending my free time with a cat that showed up at...

/ November 30, 2010

The Gospel According to Trees: Foundations of Creation Care

Your responses to my original question were as diverse and interesting as I had hoped for, but they did increase my awareness of just how big this topic is. Though a few book reviews and subsequent editorializing will organize future...

/ October 2, 2010