Category: Beauty/Aesthetics

500 Years of Women in Art — in 3 Minutes

A lovely video slide-show has shown up on YouTube which runs through 500 years worth of paintings depicting feminine beauty. The viewing experience is quite mesmerizing, as the video’s creator melds each successive face with a fluid ease. (The classical...

/ May 25, 2007

the thorns of a rose – a myth

A fascinating narrative in the style of the Greek fables, written by unlikely author…   “In ancient times, when the world was just beginning that is, there was a young lonely nymph named Rose. Rose was lonely because she wasn’t...

/ September 19, 2006


Have you ever read Pascal’s “Pensées“? (French for “Thoughts”) It is a delightful, interesting, and often challenging panoply of little thoughts, aphorisms, maxims, questions, plus the occasional more lengthy argument (It is from this collection, for instance, that we get...

/ November 15, 2005

Hitler as Aesthetic

Check out the interesting book review brought to us by Books and Culture. The book reviewed is a Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics in which Frederic Spotts argues that the “will to power” and aesthetic sensibility of Hitler are...

/ May 21, 2004