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Jesus Plus Masculinity for America’s Sake: Replying to “Jesus and John Wayne”

As I reflected on Calvin University professor Kristin Du Mez’s brilliantly provocative and painful, Jesus and John Wayne, I realized how many different intersections I had with her subject. After all, I serve as a pastor in a Presbyterian denomination...

/ January 25, 2021

Book Review: History and Eschatology by N. T. Wright

History and Eschatology is a dense but rewarding book based on NT Wright’s Gifford Lectures, in which Wright is attempting to redirect natural theology, bringing history and biblical exegesis to the questions of natural theology to see if that “might...

/ January 22, 2021

Book Review: Sanctifying Interpretation by Chris E. W. Green

“God does not save us from interpretation but by it and for it.”[1] So claims Chris Green in the second edition of his marvelous book Sanctifying Interpretation: Vocation, Holiness, and Scripture. (Those familiar with the first edition of his book...

/ January 21, 2021

A Tale of Two Churches

I. Hamburg In 2019 I found myself working in Hamburg, Germany during the city’s celebration of a popular local holiday: Reformationstag, or Reformation Day.

/ January 20, 2021

Dignity Beyond Accomplishment

“The examination combines the techniques of an observing hierarchy and those of a normalizing judgment. It is a normalizing gaze, a surveillance that makes it possible to quantify, to classify, and to punish. It establishes over others a visibility through...

/ January 19, 2021

Catholicism in the Swamp: A Response to Brandon McGinley’s “The Prodigal Church”

Ed. note: This is the third and final response in our symposium on Brandon McGinley’s book The Prodigal Church. The American landscape has been a fertile seedbed historically for a very specific sort of Christianity. Methodism and Baptist expressions of the...

/ January 15, 2021

Defining “White Evangelical Crap”

One of the comments I got in response to Monday’s post was a fairly simple question: “What exactly do you have in mind when you talk about ‘white evangelical crap?'” It’s a fair question. So here’s an attempt at an...

/ January 14, 2021

Engagement Without Fear: Responding to Brandon McGinley’s “The Prodigal Church”

To anyone paying attention to church participation in North America over the last forty years, things are not now, nor have they been, very good. The jeremiads have been spoken, the eulogies written, and the post-mortem begun, while the patient...

/ January 14, 2021

Authenticity and Prodigality: Response to Brandon McGinley’s “The Prodigal Church”

Ed. Note: This is the first response of three we will be publishing as part of a brief symposium on Brandon McGinley’s book The Prodigal Church. One of the ways that Catholics tell the story of modernity—think for instance of Charles...

/ January 13, 2021

After Evangelicalism

Recently I was talking with a dear friend about how the gift that our particular collegiate experience gave us could be summarized this way: It made it possible for us to disentangle “Christianity” from “stupid American evangelical crap.”

/ January 11, 2021