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Seven Notes on Bostock v Clayton County and the Future of Social Conservatism

At this point anyone concerned with the future of religious institutions in the United States is already aware of this week’s ruling in Bostock v Clayton County. (Oyez has the key facts; the folks at Volokh Conspiracy put together a summary...

/ June 17, 2020

Political Modesty, for Better and Worse

Confessional Reformed Protestants are a tiny sliver of the broader Christian community. Still, when it comes to intellectual heft we like to think we punch above our weight. While this may not always be true, David VanDrunen’s decade-long effort to...

/ June 16, 2020

Against Evangelical Minimalism

For all the criticism of evangelical opulence – it’s palatial megachurches and crass prosperity gospel – the truth is that most evangelical churches remain humble and relatively small. One 2017 analysis of Lifeway data showed that the overwhelming majority of...

/ June 15, 2020

On Diligence

I was the sort of teenager who studied too much Latin. I was homeschooled, then, and lonely. We lived in Rome. I had no friends. I read books off my mother’s shelves for most subjects — textbooks, and Madame Bovary,...

/ June 12, 2020

How Then Shall We Converse?

Since 2008, Q, an organization that sponsors conferences and frames itself as a Christian version of TED, has hosted lectures, interviews, and debates between cultural leaders, pastors, and other educators. Their goal? “See the Christian faith become increasingly attractive, credible,...

/ June 10, 2020

Why We Need the Doctrine of Eternal Generation

To kill every sparrow in sight, try the following: shoot them, raze their nests, beat drums constantly to scare them, and shake the trees where they land. Eventually they will drop dead of exhaustion. It’s true. Of course, if you...

/ June 9, 2020

The Cost of Food in America

Americans often boast about the cheapness of their food. Here in the U.S., we spend less on food than any other country in the world (about six percent of our budget, on average). Even other first-world countries—like most European countries—devote...

/ June 8, 2020

First Things and the Problem of Polite Opinion

First Things has been no stranger to controversy in recent years. The latest dispute is about tweets from the magazine’s editors about coronavirus, particularly those of editor-in-chief Rusty Reno.

/ June 5, 2020

Race and Black Theology Reading List: An Annotated Bibliography

By the Mere O Editors The ongoing evils of police brutality have revealed to a wider (and whiter) audience the structural and systematic prejudices under which blacks live in the USA, and in many other places around the world. White...

/ June 5, 2020

When You Bear Your Cross, Christ is Your King

Many Christians have a cross somewhere in their home—a religious plaque, perhaps, or maybe a painting. Some wear crosses around their neck or as other jewelry. Others have a cross tattooed into their skin. These crosses mean different things to...

/ June 3, 2020