Category: Education

Irrigating Deserts

As mentioned previously, I teach homeschoolers in a modified “great books” program. Right now we are reading C.S. Lewis’s Abolition of Man. It is, in many ways, Lewis argues that contemporary (to him) eduational philosophy makes students adopt two basic...

/ October 26, 2004

Response to Selby

A few thoughts in response to Andrew: Remember that a large percent of college students are at public institutions. (Does anyone know whether a majority are?) Although these schoos still have tuition, costs are highly subsidized by the government. Furthermore,...

/ April 22, 2004

Required Education: It Lasts Too Long

In 1575 Michel de Montaigne said, “The boy we would breed has a great deal less time to spare; he owes but the first fifteen or sixteen years of his life to education; the remainder is due to action”. We...

/ April 20, 2004