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Evangelical Universities and the Lingering Legacy of Fundamentalism?

Christopher Benson is a writer and educator living in Denver, Colorado.  He writes regularly at Bensonian, and submitted the following as a guest post.  Thomas Albert Howard, who is the Stephen Phillips Chair of History at Gordon College, and Karl...

/ March 20, 2012

Upon the Occasion of John Mark Reynolds Moving to Houston Baptist

My friend John Mark Reynolds just announced this evening that he is leaving his position as Director to become the new provost at Houston Baptist University.* In the common parlance, I am an alumnus of the Institute.  But the program...

/ February 27, 2012

One Book for College

Matt asked a few of us here at Mere-O to write a post on the one book everyone should read in college. Over the next couple of days some of the other writers will have their say, but today is...

/ September 8, 2011