Category: Technology

GodBlogCon Again

The buzz around GodBlogCon is growing and concerns about the name have followed. Check out Jeff Jarvis of on MSNBC’s new show Connected: Coast to Coast. (HT: Matt Margolis). After you’ve watched that, read this concern by Margolis and...

/ March 1, 2005

Enourmously helpful addition to the Internet

Google maps is awesome.

/ February 28, 2005

GodBlogCon 2005

The Christian Blogosphere now knows what I’ve known for a few days: GodBlogCon 2005 will be hosted by the Torrey Honors Institute at Biola University. The official announcement is up over at Andrew Jackson’s blog. How, you ask, was I...

/ February 28, 2005

Media and Blogging

Stacy Harp of MediaSoul has started a new company designed to promote books through the blogosphere. She states, “We exist to help people in the media, such as authors, filmmakers, musicians and others get their message out to a targeted...

/ February 23, 2005

Technological progress

I am someone who grew up inculcated with the belief that mankind, as a whole, is always progressing forward. I was never preached Darwinian evolution but I somehow came out of Junior High with other forms of evolutionary or progressive...

/ December 18, 2004

Stats and Blogging

Today I discovered that The Doctor has a link to this site on his own page. Naturally, this prompted visions of ‘blog glory’–hundreds of thousands of hits per day, all to read the thoughts here. I finally realized, though, that...

/ December 7, 2004