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Housekeeping News

Hey all, here are a few brief housekeeping things I wanted to draw to your attention. Secure Browsing First, if you at the URL bar, you’ll see a padlock next to the URL for the website. This is a sign that...

/ April 26, 2016

A Note on Mere O Notes

Hey all, so I’m still sorting through some of the things I want to do with Mere O as the lead writer. One thing I’ve been thinking about, and reading this book has pushed me further along in this thinking,...

/ October 7, 2015

On Long Posts

A brief word about running longer essays given the long piece from Alastair Roberts we’re running today. There are five brief points I want to make that you can read parallel to the piece Alastair ran over at his blog...

/ August 18, 2015

The Evolution of Blogs and the Future of Mere O

If the conventional blog wasn’t dead before The Dish’s demise, the shuttering of Andrew Sullivan’s iconic internet publishing venture surely signaled the end of traditional blogging. Once an intriguing new publishing form that shunned the norms of traditional journalism for...

/ July 29, 2015

A Resignation Letter

Let me get this out of the way, so no one else has to say it:  “Farewell, Matthew Lee Anderson.” Effective immediately, I am stepping down as Lead Writer of Mere Orthodoxy and handing full control of the site over...

/ July 22, 2015

Marijuana, Caffeine, and a Therapeutic Drug Culture

That’s the subject of my latest essay over at The Gospel Coalition.  Here’s my concluding paragraphs: Yet the more interesting cases come closer to us. Consider the interrelationship between caffeine and marijuana. On the one hand, many of us rely...

/ March 7, 2013

Digging Down to the Substance of Things

Trevin thinks that when it comes down to it, the curiosity of the blogger makes the blog: The best blogs are a combination of the two. The blogger has a curious nature, and this curiosity manifests itself naturally in his...

/ August 17, 2011

Top Posts for June and July

Here are the top 10 posts from the past two months at Mere-O: I unpacked the music of Terence Malick’s beautiful Tree of Life and how it should affect our understanding of it. I examined  parents who allow their children to have sex...

/ August 6, 2011

Blogging as Letters to our Future

Alissa Wilkinson: So maybe we can think of blogs—at least the good ones, and maybe even ones like these—as letters, if not to friends, to everyone, to the future: here is who we are, as it unfolded in real time;...

/ July 20, 2011

Marx: Administrative Tyranny?

As I mentioned earlier in the week, there’s been a great discussion going over at on Terry Eagleton’s book Why Marx Was Right. As an avowed non-Marxist, I was somewhat surprised to be invited to participate in the discussion,...

/ April 1, 2011