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To Consume

My friend Shane Morris whipped up rather a remarkable storm recently on Twitter with this: Millennials who are very cavalier about not having children are in for a shock when they enter their 40s & realize life is only half...

/ September 19, 2022

Corporations Can’t Love You

In a recent guest column at Anne Helen Peterson’s Culture Study, Wendy Robinson wrote about her forays into the world of Peloton, on a growing phenomenon: the lack of community which people find within the ecosystems created by consumer products.[1]...

/ September 16, 2022

Something Essential Abides

Movies on the multiverse have some serious advantages over their single-world brethren when it comes to entertainment value. Once a creator admits into his work the idea that our universe is only one among many, literally limitless possibility opens up...

/ September 15, 2022

Following Christ in the Machine Age: A Conversation with Paul Kingsnorth

How do we stay human in a technocratic age? How do we live rooted lives —spiritually and otherwise — in an unsettled time? How do we make sense of life in the modern world? English writer Paul Kingsnorth has been...

/ September 13, 2022

Distrust’s Thicket and the Life of the PCA

In the fall of 1998, I added what was at the time a pertinent, hot off the press book to my college dorm bookshelf alongside classics like Lewis’s Mere Christianity and Chesterton’s The Everlasting Man. The book, Francis Beckwith and...

/ September 12, 2022

The Something More of Sex

In a strikingly vulnerable 2018 New York Times article, author Courtney Sender casts a light on today’s impoverished sexual norms by describing her own disappointing experience. Her date, a connection through Tinder, requested Sender’s consent for nearly everything. Kissing. Undressing....

/ September 8, 2022


My friend Rod Dreher recently argued from his blog that we have hit a point in the trans revolution where a moral panic is appropriate, saying:

/ September 1, 2022

The Danger of Enchanted Enclosures

The Substance of Things Hoped For: A Novel by Tom Noyes, Slant Books, an imprint of Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon: April 26, 2021, 270 pp., $25 Experiences of committed Christian community can transform lives for the better. Robust, mature,...

/ August 25, 2022

Tradition as a Way of Life: Yoram Hazony’s Winsome Defense

Professed conservatives have long been at a disadvantage relative to their liberal and social democratic opponents and seem continually to lose ground to these ideologies claiming the progressive label. This is because the principles of liberalism and socialism are straightforward...

/ August 22, 2022

An Interview with Isaac Adams on “Talking About Race”

Isaac Adams serves as lead pastor at Iron City Church in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the founder of United? We Pray, a ministry devoted to praying about racial justice. The following transcripted interview revolves around his book, Talking About Race:...

/ August 18, 2022