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Selling Classical Music

Is classical music dying? While it may depend upon what we mean by “classical”,there has been concern among the cultural elite that the symphony no longer holds its position of cultural importance. Case in point:  while the LA Philharmonic opened...

/ September 4, 2007

Playlist for a Trip from Los Angeles to Phoenix

First, start off strong with a little Beethoven. Or a lot of Beethoven, depending on how you quantify it. His 2nd and 4th piano concerti (concertos?) will put you in the mood for the impending drive. It’s important to get...

/ December 20, 2006

What’s the best rock and roll song of all time?

And now for something completely different. Let’s save the questions about the nature of music, it’s relationship to mathematics, how in the world it taps into the depths of the human soul so effectively and universally, how it relates to...

/ August 30, 2006