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Seeds of Deception Redux

Update: Fixed some grammar in my second to last paragraph. I posted this review of Seeds of Deception nearly a month ago. I was as honest as I could be about Preskar’s work. When checking Stacy Harp’s Mind and Media...

/ May 21, 2005

Mind and Media Review: Seeds of Deception

This is the first official review of the (Lord willing!) many I will be doing for Mind and Media. Some books, no matter how badly written, still merit a reading on other grounds. Georgiana Preskar’s Seeds of Deception, which is...

/ April 16, 2005


When perusing comments over at Pandas Thumb, I came across a link to this list of the top 100 non-fiction books of the 20th century from National Review. Check out entries six and seven: 6. The Open Society and Its...

/ January 14, 2005