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Were the 1960s when it all went wrong?

I am really pleased to welcome Matthew Tuininga to Mere-O.  A Ph.D. candidate at Emory University, Matthew is one of the sharpest young Christian voices working at the intersection of religion and politics.  I commend his blog to you highly.  —...

/ November 15, 2012

How to Think About American Politics (by a British Observer)

Editor’s Note:  I am thrilled to introduce Alastair Roberts to readers of Mere-O.  Since I have started reading him a few months back, he has proved himself to be one of the most thoughtful and charitable interlocutors online.  I highly commend the below to...

/ November 9, 2012

Skyfall: Strongest Bond Yet

Chris Tookey, writing for that bastion of careful reflection (not) The Daily Mail, suggests Skyfall is the best Bond film and adventure flick pretty much ever. It’s difficult to acquiesce Bond 23 deserves such accolades, but Tookey’s heart is in...

/ October 31, 2012

Hamlet, Beauty, and the Case Against Abortion

William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, is a story of tragedy; a tragedy that results in part because of a stasis that Hamlet nurtures when he should be taking action to avenge his father’s death.  He has all the impetus one could...

/ October 25, 2012

The Contest Between Evolution and Christianity is a Duel to the Death

Editor’s note: Peter Blair is editor of Fare Forward, one of the best new sites to hit the interwebs in a while.  I’m on record saying that it’s like us at Mere-O, only better.  I’m thrilled to steal him away...

/ October 23, 2012
"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

“You Don’t Have a Soul”: C.S. Lewis Never Said It

Editor’s note:  Below is the definitive take-down of the idea that C.S. Lewis said that “You do not have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body.”   In recent years, the attribution has taken on a life...

/ July 5, 2012