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Daniel Dorman is a Canadian political staffer and writer. He holds an MA from the University of Ottawa in English and a BA from Tyndale University in Biblical Studies, Theology, and English.

Portraits of Anxiety in Dostoevsky and Dickens

E.M. Forster wrote, “it is the function of the novelist to reveal the hidden life at its source.” In Aspects of the Novel, Forester explains that while it is the work of the historian to deal with the external details...

/ November 10, 2021

The Maniac and the Theorist: Chesterton on Critical Theory

It does not matter how beautiful a house seems, how stately its design, how lofty its ceiling, or how well intentioned its builders; a house built on sand will fall when the rain comes (Matt. 7:27). Ultimately, the premises or...

/ August 4, 2021