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Chris is a husband and dad; theologian, composer, poet, and essayist; software developer; runner and triathlete; podcaster; and all-around nerd.

With a grin: rejecting the victim’s stance

One of the great follies of our day is that every group’s story has become a tragedy. Our society has increasingly embraced a discourse of victimization, in which every subculture tends to define itself in terms of grievances created by...

/ October 10, 2012

Only One Center: Reorienting Evangelical Theology on Christ

If evangelicals have a singular strength, it is a willingness to disagree over secondary issues while agreeing on the centrality of the gospel, inerrancy, and conversionism. This has given us enormous flexibility to cooperate on missions, charity, social justice, and...

/ August 21, 2012

Evangelical Tracts and Real Art: Gungor and Creation’s Goodness

You know music has power when it has you shivering while running in hundred-degree heat. Güngör’s Ghosts Upon the Earth is like that, though. From the opening track, the album screams its willingness to be and do something terribly different...

/ July 18, 2012

Less Noisome Insistence, More Joyful Exuberance on Heaven

Heaven is a hot topic these days, thanks to N. T. Wright and some of his noisier interpreters. On Thursday, Matt pushed back a little on some of the more sweeping criticisms of the evangelical view of “heaven,” arguing that most evangelicals...

/ June 20, 2012

An Aspen in a Forest of Pines: Thinking through Asexuality

Note from Matt: I first met Chris Krycho after he reviewed Earthen Vessels and proceeded to grill me about it.  He’s a thoughtful fellow and wrote the following.  As I had been planning on addressing the same piece soon, I...

/ April 18, 2012