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Rev. Bruce Clark (PhD, University of Cambridge) serves as a Presbyterian pastor. He is the author of Completing Christ’s Afflictions: Christ, Paul and the Reconciliation of All Things (WUNT, 2015). He has taught biblical studies courses at both the masters and doctoral levels and is presently researching “faith” language in early Christianity.

Epiphany: How an Enchanted World Drew Outsiders to God

A number of years ago, a wise parent shared with me an insight for which I have been repeatedly grateful: One reason God gives us children is so that we adults can [re]discover nature. This has proven true on numerous...

/ February 6, 2023

Advent and the Near Irrelevance of Political Power

The Advent story, as commonly conceived, tells of the remarkable events that lead up to the birth of Jesus, as found in the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel. It also introduces the reader to some of the most powerful political...

/ December 24, 2021

Ten Theses on Homosexuality and the Church

I wrote the following to clarify my own thoughts and also to (indirectly) respond to some recent discussions and developments within my own denomination (the PCA). But at present here are my own reflections on homosexuality today as a pastor...

/ November 11, 2021